12 Months
7 Instructors
1 Global Community

Transform your skills in analytics, financial modelling & data visualisation.

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Giles Male
Teaches Excel Mastery
Kenny Whitelaw-Jones
Teaches Financial Modelling
Myles Arnot
Teaches Technology for Finance
Jordan Goldmeier
Teaches Data Visualisation
Chris Dutton
Teaches Advanced Excel
Aaron Parry
Teaches Power BI
Dustin Cabral
Teaches Tableau
John Pauler
Teaches SQL
Josh MacCarty
Teaches Machine Learning

Love excel?
You’re in the right place.


We’ve gathered the world’s best instructors in data analytics, financial modelling & data visualisation.


Use regular case study challenges to put your learning into practice.


Join a vibrant community of finance professionals who are ready to support you to do your best work.

Start your Full Stack Journey


The skills you wish you’d had at the start of your career

Full Stack modeller is the complete training course in analytics, financial modelling and data visualisation.


How to inspire with data

Gaining knowledge and improving skills are not the same thing. Full Stack is a 12 month programme because mastery takes time. Regular case studies and challenges give you the opportunity to do the one thing that really matters: practice.


Excel geeks: you’re not alone

Full Stack is not just a training course.It’s a community of practice; an active group of financial professionals who are ready to support each other to do their best work.

“It’s more of a tribe than a learning course”
— Wikus, South Africa

Ready to unleash
your finance superpowers?

On 1st Dec we’re opening the doors of the Full Stack community to let you take a look around.

You can sample the course materials, attend live masterclasses and get a feel for whether Full Stack is for you.

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We’ll show you how to really get shit done in finance.
But don’t take our word for it...

  • To anyone considering joining the Full Stack community, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Throw yourself at it; not just into the courses, but into the community as well because that’s what really differentiates Full Stack from other training courses.
    David, England
  • The reason I joined FSM is because of Giles, Myles and Kenny. I’ve been following their work for many years and they’re amazing. They’re all really accessible and friendly guys.
    Areeba, Canada
  • In every single aspect of the 3 levels - Excel Mastery, Advanced Financial Modelling, and the Tech Stack - there is so much that I don’t know, and there really is nothing I want to miss out on... It’s more of a tribe than a learning course. It really is the full package.
    Wikus, South Africa

The finance community you’ve been looking for.

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